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I am fort-heart. My name is Rick. I am 21 & from Ohio and I'm currently living in: Baltimore (this changes every 4 months). I like windows, beds, nature, buildings, boys, music, and thoughts. [Shameless Selfies] / [In Words] / [Mine]

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bonus round: explain why it would fit them best!
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"It’s who we were" via the subreddit /r/wallpapers
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Alex Crétey-Systermans
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Anonymous: ummm we have never heard the TH story... have we?

no i didnt post much about him cuz he follows me -,- except i dont think he comes on here often 

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I’m going to see Charli XCX in about 1 week in Philly!!!!!!I I’M SO EXCITED

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Anonymous: if you were drunk in a room with everybody you have ever had sex with who's arms would you fall into? ~deep~~

i wouldn’t consider what we’ve done to be sex but it would most likely be TH :P

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listening to straight people complain about not being able to find someone to date


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um you’re gay you punk ass bitch btw can i come visit you in brooklyn i’m only like 3-4 hours away now and i miss u a little 

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