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I am fort-heart. My name is Rick. I am 20 & from Ohio but I'm currently living in Louisville KY. I like windows, beds, nature, buildings, boys, music, and thoughts. [Shameless Selfies] / [In Words] / [Mine]

i’m sunburned in April is this a new record?

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today I went to a church where everyone raised their hand and some people shouted random church things when the pastor preached. The pastor was a crazy preacher but that made it awesome. They didn’t say anything about gay people being a sin. 

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Anonymous: What are the top five qualities that guys have that get your interests?

1. small dick
2. religious
3. from a farm
4. prays with his future boyfriend openly
5. kinda buff

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Anonymous: You look like pre10tious. Like twins omfg

no i dont

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if easter and 4/20 are both today can it be called a joint holiday

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Eurasian Lynx by Jasper Doest
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Mountain Village, Cortina, Italy
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Anonymous: Are you bi?

i’ve labeled myself as gay for the past few years but to be fully honest I’ve had fleeting thoughts of girls that makes me feel a bit more bi than gay. But with girls I’m really kind of picky and I don’t even have a type but there are just some girls who I’m like ~!!?#@ with and it is a rare occurrence. So that is why I just say I’m gay to make it simple for everyone even if it isn’t that simple in my brain.

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